Bangalore Independent PU College


BIPUC recognizes that human talent flourishes most readily in facilities where the most effective tools exist. We believe that it is the teacher that makes the difference, not just the classroom. We pride ourselves on a perfect blend of curriculum, co-curricular and pre-academic activities. Our teachers are motivated and our students inspired. At BIPUC it is not just about mentoring but motivating. Not just educating but evolving. We are iconic, innovative and inclusive in our approach. Here inspiration for learning comes from within.

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We work responsibly, reliably and diligently to provide faculty, staff and students with the infrastructure necessary for individual and collective advance. We understand that excellence in the provision of the best inspiration for better results is a good environment for growth. At our campus the embrace of diversity permeates every classroom, laboratory, and auxiliary facility. We remain committed to opening doors of opportunity for our students while simultaneously being dedicated to creating and sustaining a work environment that positions faculty and staff for success in individual positions.

We strive to create an entity that works on the principle that "The foundation of every nation is the education of its youth". We busy ourselves at discovering and nurturing talent and preparing them to be winners in the fast-paced and highly competitive global scenario of today. Individual attention for the weaker students and providing the impetus for their advancement becomes our passion. Brick by brick, the walls of the institution have been strengthened to provide a firm foundation for our futuristic vision and class by class our teachers continue to mentor and mould generations of intelligent and self-motivated youngsters who will join the mainstream of India's emergence as a global frontrunner.


The BIPUC is affiliated to the Department of Pre-University Education, Government of Karnataka, India.

Why Us?

We don't just make our students study hard. We make them study smart.

Our focus is to work relevantly on the lines of the tested maxim - "Tell me and I forget. teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn". Hence we ensure that the involvement of the teacher extends much beyond the walls of the classroom.

Soft Skills Development Programmes, Seminars, Exam Friend, Special Attention Batches, periodical examinations and chapter-wise tests and a wide selection of books and study info-material in the well-endowed library - all together prepare the students to usher in a bright future with lucrative careers and a wealth of job opportunities both local and overseas.

Our purposeful interaction with our students is one of our strong points. We transform every student and guarantee that they are not just well-rounded with a superfluity of extracurricular activities in the sports and academic arena, but also fortified with a strong foundation of academic excellence that becomes their undeniable asset for the future.

We are dedicated to creating and sustaining an interactive space that positions faculty, staff and students for success. Every facet of the institution, from the stimulating architecture and intelligent space utilisation to the proactive features and the productivity-enhancing facilities, together combine to make learning a rewarding and wholesome experience for each and every student. Excellence in the provision of information technology, library resources, and facilities is central to our operations. Of equal importance is the call to be an exemplar in quality and value based education.

Admission Process :

BIPUC Seats selection will be made as per the rules framed by the PU Board, Bengaluru / Government of Karnataka. The selected candidates will be asked to meet the Principal along with their parents. Every parent seeking admission for his/her son/daughter should produce the following:

Original Marks card/ Provisional marks card (signed by the school H.M.) from the previous School with one attested copy. For ICSE, CBSE, NRI and Foreign Students original with 2 attested copies.
Transfer certificates from the previous school. Students from districts other than Bangalore shall get this certificate countersigned by the Block Educational Officer of their respective region. In the case of students from outside Karnataka State, the DDPI has to countersign.
Conduct Certificate from the previous school.
Colour Photographs - Passport size - 10 nos., with background and name printed on it.
Attested copy of caste certificate and income certificate (Applicable to SC/ ST/ Group I, 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B candidates only)
Eligibility Certificate and Migration Certificate : only for ICSE, CBSE, NRI and Foreign students.