Chairman’s Message

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“In the present global scenario, India is emerging as economic super power. With the most favored demographic characteristics and higher growth rates in all macro economic indicators, the world is considering India as a land of opportunities. Management education plays a pivotal role in shaping the correct mind set to make the best of given opportunities.”

We encourage our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to be agents of change. We are committed to creating future managers prepared to counter the effects of systemic oppression and racism in order to build a more just and equitable world.

Our mission is to bring students, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to a level of excellence in their competencies and ethical approaches to business and work, able to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair, and respectful of the central role of the individual.

BIMS is committed to provide excellent management education with a special focus on ethical leadership and innovative entrepreneurship.

I congratulate you all for daring to dream big and assure you that BIMS will strengthen your dreams to take a leap forward in the glorious future of India and your personal career.

Shri Suresh M,
Chairman, BIMS