FDP on Data Analysis Through SPSS on 8th Dec – 2016

Data Analysis (or) Statistical Analysis is unavoidable in business decision making due to increased completion in every sphere of business. A growing number of formally educated business executives tend to club their common sense conclusions with the scientific reasons and logics. Knowledge of appropriate Data Analysis techniques certainly provide an edge towards finding appropriate answers of day to day seemingly simple but complex business problems.Faculty members, researchers and Management Students find Data Analysis as an internal part of their contents for discussion/learning. This FDP is intended to help faculty members, manager, researchers, and management students in sharpening their analytical skills through SPSS. This program is designed to cover all relevant aspects of statistical Data Analysis starting from the very basics of data preparation, statistical Techniques including the theoretical aspects behind such techniques.

Potential Beneficiaries: Business decision makers, Faculty Members of Academic Institutes, Research Scholars, Research Associates and Management Students.

Key Objectives of the program

• To understand the basics of Research Methodology

• To understand the basic concepts of statistics data involved

• To understand the selection criterion of appropriate statistical Techniques

• To use SPSS for Data Analysis and Interpretation of the respective SPSS output.