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Bachelor of Computer Application

The Bachelors Program in Computer Applications offers a high quality professional education in Computer Science for software engineers who wish to contribute their efficient technical and programming skills at entry and middle level positions in the IT industry, Banking and Social organizations or to establish themselves as new generation tech-savvy entrepreneurs. The program offers rigorous training which help software engineers, software programmers and application developers to prepare themselves to the needs of global IT industry.

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3 year under-graduate degree awarded in the field of Computer Applications. Our three year program is designed in a manner that will provide comprehensive training to understand computer science and industrial computing.At the end of this course the student will be able to carry out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications. They will be able to demonstrate professional competence in developing software and design it and implement it as well. The course aims at developing sound practical skills to enable the students to address problems which arise in computer systems and their application.

In addition to the regular curriculum, there are periodic seminars, projects and assignments, which enable the students to sharpen their skills. With the focus on applications, we cover subjects like Digital Logic, Probability and Statistics Computer Programming and Problem Solving, Data Base Management System, Computational Numerical Methods, Data Structure using C++, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors, Software Engineering, Data Base Management System Project, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, JAVA & J2EE, LINUX Programming etc. The kind of focused training helps students adapt themselves to the art and science of software development.

Students are trained for placement interviews and are made to face mock interviews as part of the exercise. Various personality development classes are conducted for the Final year students to prepare them for the interviews. Students are also trained for civil service examination.

Program Structure: I-Dream MBA

  1. To develop ethical programmers with inter disciplinary knowledge’
  2. To develop entrepreneurs
  3. To prepare students to take the responsibility of full line of computer application and office automation of a company with special reference to SME sector.
  4. To develop IT enabled global middle level managers for solving real life business problems.
  5. To develop business analysts for companies, capital markets and commodity markets.
  6. To prepare students to take up higher education to become Data scientists, researchers, consultants and teachers, with core competencies.

Pass in State PUC Examination or 10 +2 or any other equivalent examinations

Successful graduates can look forward to working as System Analysts, Programmers, Network Engineers, and Database Administrators etc. They may also pursue research or higher studies.The intention of the course is to produce competitive computer professionals in tune with advanced technical concepts. Towards this end, the college is equipped with state of the art facilities envisaging high-end computers and advanced software.

Course Structure

I sem hrs/week Theory IA Credits
2nd Language 4 80 20 2
English 4 80 20 2
Problem Solving Technique Using –C 4 70 30 2
Digital Electronics 4 70 30 2
Discrete Mathematics 5 100 50 3
C Programming Lab 3 35 15 2
Digital Electronics Lab 3 35 15 2
Foundation Course 3 70 30 2
CC & EC * 50 1


II sem hrs/week Theory IA Credits
2ndLanguage- 4 80 20 2
English 4 80 20 2
Data Structure 4 70 30 2
Database Management System 4 70 30 2
Numerical and Statistical Method 5 100 50 3
Data Structure Lab 3 35 15 2
DBMS Lab 3 35 15 2
Foundation Course 3 70 30 2
CC & EC * 50 1


III Sem hrs/week Theory
2nd Language 4 100
English 4 100
Operating System 4 100
Data Structure Using C 4 100
NALP 4 100
Data Structure Lab 3 100
NALP Lab 3 100
Indian Constitution 4 100


IV Sem hrs/week Theory
2nd Language 4 100
English 4 100
UNIX Shell Programming 4 100
Visual Programming 4 100
Data Communication and Networking 4 100
Environmental Science 4 100
UNIX Lab 3 100
Visual Programming Lab 3 100


V Sem hrs/week Theory
Java Programming 4 100
Computer Architecture 4 100
Software Engineering 4 100
Soft skills and Personality Development 4 100
Project 4 100
Java Programming Lab 3 100


VI Sem hrs/week Theory
System Programming 4 100
Computer Graphics 4 100
Web Programming 4 100
Algorithm Design and Analysis 4 100
Project 4 100
Web Programming Lab 3 100


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