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These regulations shall be cited as Academic Regulations Pertaining to MBA Degree (Day) of BangaloreUniversity (2014 – 15 onwards) under Choice Based Credit System (BU-PG-CBCS, 2014) of Faculty ofCommerce and Management under Bangalore University.


  • A graduate degree under 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 pattern under any discipline securing at least 50% marks inaggregate including languages from a recognized University in India or abroad.
  • Honors degree under 10+2+4 pattern from a recognized university under UGC Act having at least 50%marks in aggregate including languages.
  • Candidates who have passed bachelor / master degree through correspondence / Open University systemfrom this university or from any other university recognized by law are exempted from 10+2 pattern. Theduration of the degrees must be three and two years respectively.
  • Candidates who pass bachelor/master degree in any university system in single sitting pattern are noteligible.
  • In case of SC/ST/Cat I candidates, there will be a relaxation of 5% in the aggregate of marks obtained.
  • All admissions to CBSMS and affiliated colleges will be made through an entrance test conducted byappropriate body as approved by Government of Karnataka and State Level Counseling based on Rank
  • Merit and the reservation rules based on the seat matrix as announced by the Government of Karnatakafrom time to time.
  • Each paper shall be taken for the purpose of calculating attendance.
  • Students are required to attend for not less than 75% of the classes in each subject in order to be eligibleto appear for the University examinations.
  • The statement of attendance shall be displayed on the Notice Board by the institution at end of everymonth for information of students.
  • Five marks in Internal Assessment shall be awarded based on the percentage of attendance as an incentiveto the student for regularity in attendance.
  • A student who does not satisfy the requirement of percentage of attendance shall not be permitted totake the examination of that paper(s).

A) Internal Assessment Test

Each of the course would have two components – the First being Internal Assessment Marks and Second being Semesterend exams. The Internal Assessment (IA) are based on the continuous internal assessment.

  • Each paper will carry 100 marks of which 30 marks for Internal Assessment and remaining 70 marks for writtenexamination to be held at the end of each semester. The duration of the written examination for each paper shallbe 3 hours.
  • The various components of Internal Assessment for 30 Marks are as follows:

B) Final Examination

There shall be a University examination at the end of each semester in the prescribed papers which carries 70marks each. (Online examination might be introduced subject to approval of appropriate bodies of Bangalore University in thecourse of present scheme.)

Candidates who fail the lower semester examinations may take higher semester examinations.

Each candidate should undertake a Project work immediately after the second semester examination and submit a bound copy of the report within two weeks of commencement of III Semester. This project, under the guidance of a faculty of the institution, has to be on a live management problem/issue concerning eitheran organization or otherwise. The purpose of the project is to develop larger life skills and positive attitude among students who have to have wider perspective on society/organization. This could involve a desk study/data analysis/ extension work or exploration of an idea or its implementation. In other words, a Management student is expected to enrich with competency/skills/attitudes and perspectives about live society and organization.

The duration of the project is four weeks after the completion of II Semester and before the commencement of III Semester. There will be 25 marks for project report and 25 marks for viva voce. A minimum of 25 marks out of 50 is required for a pass in the project work. The viva and the project report will be evaluated by a member of the panel of examiners and the concerned faculty guide. Specific guidelines will be issued by PG Department of Management from time to time.

One course is offered as open elective during the III semester of MBA Programme. Details of this course will be decided by the Board of Studies.


  • There shall be three categories of courses viz., Core and Compulsory Course, Specialization Course andOpen Elective Course/Soft Core Course. The Open Electives are the University approved Courses offeredby other Departments of Bangalore University.
  • The credits for each of Compulsory Course and specialization course may vary from 2 to 4 credits. In caseof open electives course, each paper shall be of 3 credits. A student is required to take one open electivecourse in III Semester

These regulations will apply to Post Graduate Program in Management being run in Canara Bank School ofManagement Studies and its affiliated colleges having approval of the University/AICTE as the case may be forthe following course:MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM) (MBA-CBCS – 2014 – 15 ONWARDS)

The duration of the MBA program shall extend over 4 semesters (two academic years) of 16 weeks or more each with a minimum of 90 actual working days of instruction in each semester and 2 to 3 weeks of examinations.

The medium of instruction for all subjects and examination shall be English only.


The candidate shall complete the programme within the period as prescribed in the regulation governing the maximum period for completing MBA programmes from the dates of admissions. It is generally twice the number of years of the programme. The term completing the programme means passing all the prescribed examinations of the programme to become eligible for the degree.

11.1 A candidate shall be declared to have passed the PG program if he/she secures at least a CGPA of 4.0(Course Alpha-Sign Grade C) in the aggregate of both internal assessment and semester endexamination marks put together in each unit such as theory papers / practical / project work /dissertation / viva-voce.

11.2 The candidates who pass all the semester examinations in the first attempts are eligible for ranksprovided they secure at least CGPA of 6.0 (or Alpha-Sign Grade A).

11.3 The results of the candidates who have passed the fourth semester examination but not passed thelower semester examinations shall be declared as NCL (Not Completed Lower semester examinations).Such candidates shall be eligible for the degree only after completion of all the lower semesterexaminations.

11.4 A candidate who passes the semester examinations in parts is eligible for only Class / CGPA and Alpha-Sign Grade but not for ranking.

11.5 There shall be no minimum in respect of internal assessment.

11.6 A Candidate who fails in any of the unit / project work / Project Report /dissertation / viva-voce shall reappear in that unit / project work / Project Report / dissertation / viva-voce and pass the examination subsequently.

Every student is required to work on a project in the area of his/her specialization and prepare a dissertation report under the supervision of a Faculty guide. Prior to the actual work, the students are required to submit asynopsis of the dissertation incorporating the statement of problem, objectives and methodology to be followed and submit the same to the Director, Management Studies, BUB. The dissertation has to be organization specific but not a macro study or freelance.

The dissertation duly signed by the guide and certified by the principal/director is to be submitted in a bound copy and a soft copy to the university at the end of the fourth semester before the commencement of the  semester examination. The dissertation shall be evaluated for two hundred marks by two examiners (One of them will be the faculty member who has guided the work and other will be the external examiner appointed

by the BOE). A minimum of 100 marks is required for a pass in the dissertation. There shall be a viva-voce examination for 50 marks on the dissertation. Viva-voce will be conducted by Board of Examiners/examiners authorized by Chairman of BOE. A minimum of 25 marks is a must for pass in the viva-voce examination.

Student has to work for not less than 45 days on full time basis on the Dissertation. There will be no classes during this period. Detailed guidelines will be issued by PG Department from time to time.

The students have choice to go in for either dual specialization or single specialization depending upon their interest. In case of dual specialization, the students could opt for any two out of the specializations streams offered by Bangalore University. In each of the two specializations, the student has to choose for not less than12 credits of elective papers under their respective specialization streams offered during III and IV Semester of MBA. In other words, the students have to opt for minimum of 12 out of 24 credits in any of the specialization stream during III and IV semesters.

In case the students choose to pursue a single specialization, then the student has to obtain 24 credits under the concerned specialization stream. In case of dual and single specialization, the statement of marks as well as degree certificate will display the specialization stream/s pursued by the student as per the regulations provided as above.

Each institution could decide about the minimum numbers of students required to offer any specialization. In any case, there must be a minimum of 10 students and the college could offer by fixing the minimum number either 10 or above depending upon the needs of the students and the availability of faculty. The Board of Studies of Management could explore collaborations and partnership either with associations, industry body,

individual companies and other enterprises for the purposes of curriculum design, delivery, faculty development, publication of study material and case studies and placements. The BOS is also authorized to make necessary changes in the specialization streams as well as electives offered under the specialization streams

The foundation courses to be designed and delivered by the institutions to their students enrolled under the present MBA Programme will be decided by the Board of Studies from time to time. In case of add on courses also, the Board of Studies could decide on the type and nature of the courses as well as the possible collaborations and partnership with various bodies. It is recommended that each college organize one week

to ten days of induction programme for the student of I semester before the commencement of classes. Similar induction could be planned at the time of the commencement of III Semester of MBA also.

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