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  1. To prepare Students to pursue careers in Marketing, Accounting and Taxation, Auditing, Financial Analysis and Management and allied dispensation
  2. To develop business analysts for companies, capital markets and commodity markets and securities market
  3. To develop human resources to act as think tank for Business Development related issues.
  4. To develop entrepreneurs for various sectors of the economy
  5. To develop business philosophers with a focus on social responsibility and ecological sustainability.
  6. To develop IT enabled global managers for solving real life business problems and addressing business development issues with a passion for quality competency and holistic approach.
  7. To develop ethical managers with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.
  8. To empower students to take up higher education to become business scientists, researchers, consultants and teachers, with needed core competencies.
  9. To empower students for pursuing professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy, Company Secretary, etc.,
  10. To empower students to take up professions in financial services, Insurance, Banking and other related sectors
  11. To empower students to take up competitive examinations of UPSC, KPSC, and other competitive examination authorities etc.
  12. To inculcate leadership skills both in their chosen professional filed for achieving personal and professional excellence
  13. To blend spirituality with materialistic pursuits of business education students

Candidates who have completed Two years Pre – University course of Karnataka State or its equivalent as notified by the university from time to time are eligible to seek admission for this course

The medium of instruction shall be English. However, a candidate is permitted to write the examination either in English or in Kannada (Kannada version Only for Theory Papers).

The course of study is Three (03) years of Six Semesters. A candidate shall complete his/her degree within six (06) academic years from the date of his/her admission to the first semester. A Student who successfully completes Three (03) years of the course will be awarded Bachelor’s Degree.

  1. For the purpose of calculating attendance, each semester shall be taken as a Unit.
  2. A student shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for the semester, if he/she has attended not less than 75% in aggregate of the number of working periods in each of the subjects compulsorily.
  3. A student who fails to complete the course in the manner stated above shall not be permitted to take the University examination.

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