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Sri Suresh M

Chairman, BIMS

The world is changing incredibly fast in almost every parameter from technology to climate, culture to business practices, global trade scenarios to work methods. The New Education Policy 2020 that emphasize “Gaining of practical knowledge rather than theoretical bookish knowledge” reflect the national ambitions and contemporary global relevance.

The aggregate convolution of our world is giving raise to managerial problems that are huge, intricate, unique, and unpredictable in implications. Only those managers who can take a holistic approach, have the right capabilities, can lead diverse teams, and engage in continuous research and life-long learning can provide complete solutions to these problems.

Our aim is to inculcate and instill in students a perfectly harmonized blend of ethical values keeping abreast of modern technology and education. We strengthen the wings of the pupils to impede the turbulent winds of life making their aspiration fertile.

We are committed to bring students, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to a level of excellence in their competencies with the help high-performing academic, personality development and administrative subsystems.

I congratulate you all for daring to dream big and assure you that BIMS will strengthen your dreams to take a leap forward in the glorious future of India and your personal career.

Best wishes for an enriching and fruitful academic journey!