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Training and Placement Cell of BIMS College facilitates students to obtain job offers and act as a bridge between Industry and Institute. It helps students to prepare and motivate every student towards campus placements and industrial training. . BIMS College provides a best platform for placement, where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations. This is done by preparing students from the first year onwards by training on their communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions and interview techniques etc.,

The primary aim of the institution is top produce graduates who are well equipped to handle the working norms of the industry and commerce in the public and the private sectors

Placement is just one of the meeting points between BIMS and the industry. It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and the industry. BIMS provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Potential employers are able to undertake on-campus recruitment through a stream-lined process of registrations, PPTs and selection. Understanding the significance of using the right aptitude and knowledge skill-sets for the right task, the Placement Team at BIMS seeks to provide corporate and students the best opportunities for mutually beneficial selection.

Responsible for identifying the right student-organization fit, the Placement Team selects, targets and invites companies for Final and Summer Internship Placements.

“Thank you for allowing us to visit your beautiful campus in India. I am happy to meet BIMS  management and students. I hope to see some of your students in the USA go for their graduate studies”